Our Team

Our team is a tribe, a true collaboration of experienced and inspired people who share a passion and energy for developing excellence in leaders and teams. Together, we are a diverse collective with decades of experience in the field of human transformation.  We are impassioned to help you develop high performance teams and leaders within extraordinary workplaces.


When Natalie Spiro came to the United States in 2000 from South Africa, armed with a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology and an MBA in Corporate Strategy and Marketing, her life in San Diego was a far cry from her life in Johannesburg. But her insatiable curiosity and hunger to make an impact wherever she lived and worked led her on a passionate journey to understand corporate culture in America. 

After holding key positions in top global firms within the financial services and hospitality industries, including a senior role at the corporate offices of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Natalie returned to her African roots and her true passion for community and collaboration. She became an owner/partner in the world-wide Drum Cafe organization in 2002— and from this point forward, Natalie’s professional destiny came into clear view.

Natalie has personally facilitated interactive drumming programs for more than 300,000 participants. Her clients come from every industry sector—high-tech, health, government, transportation, hospitality, education, finance, media, and telecommunications. She has close ties with some of the most powerful brands in the world, including Google, Virgin Airlines, Microsoft, Intel and eBay. She is a certified integrative life coach and develops workshops that tie her interactive keynote programs into one-to-one and one-to-many learning and transformational opportunities.


An author, inventor and musician, Solomon was born in Jamaica but has lived and worked throughout the US. A current resident of Austin, Texas, Solomon has more than two decades of experience as a corporate facilitator, national educator trainer and performer.  He founded the powerful Interactive Theatrical Experience Za Boom Ba and is the inventor/designer of the Twister Drum, the world’s only truly ‘collapsible’ and compactable djembe drum. Solomon has authored two books on using rhythm for learning and team development, (Rhythm Play!™ ; 1, 2, Let’s All Groove), and has released three albums as a recording artist.  He has been designing and delivering numerous immersive and kinesthetic summits for a variety of clients including Dell, Premera Blue Cross, FLUOR, The University of Texas, REI and many more.


For more than three decades, Deborah Pardes has thrived as a writer, facilitator and producer. She uses art and technology to enliven the experience of collaborative learning and story shaping and has worked with McKesson, Warner Brothers, Sony, AMD, Apple and Hyland’s Homeopathic -just to name a few. As the founder of Artists for Literacy, an educational non-profit, Deborah has produced literary events, concerts and multinational art competitions. She works directly with universities and community groups to teach Arresting Knowledge, a media and news literacy workshop for adults. Deborah is also an expert in adult learning styles, a designer, a facilitator for bias and diversity training and a published author and composer.


A certified Executive Coach and  licensed Clinical Psychologist (South Africa), Linda has more than 20 years of experience in executive coaching, leadership development and group facilitation. After living and working in both South Africa and the United States, she has developed an intimate understanding of diverse cultures and markets. Linda holds a series of accreditations in various emotional and personality psychometric instruments. As an experienced business consultant, Linda has coached a wide range of leaders in roles from middle management to CEO and across multiple industries. Clients include McKinsey, PepsiCo International, Accenture, Deloitte, Merck, JSE Securities Exchange, The Bond Exchange, KPMG and Stryker.