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Blue Fire Leadership began in 2014 to bring highly immersive, engaging and kinesthetic team and leadership development experiences to the business arena. Since then, Blue Fire Leadership has been dedicated to raising the bar and BRINGING ON the Extraordinary.

Blue Fire Leadership Clients
Blue Fire Leadership client testimonials Victoria Person
Victoria Person
Southern California Gas Company
Senior Diversity & Inclusion advisor

“The Blue Fire model works! After just a couple of hours with Natalie and her team, I could see a shift in our leaders. The unique presentation style seemed to spark something in them – an openness, a creativity, a confidence – that wasn’t there before. Since the training, I have heard from a few of them about positive steps they have taken or changes they have made at work. It’s extremely gratifying to make an investment in something like this and have it pay off.” 

Blue Fire Leadership client testimonials Julie Thomas
Julie Thomas
ValueSelling Associates, Inc.
President and CEO

“What a wonderful day.  From the first drum roll bringing the group in, in an unexpected opening to our annual meeting, it was just high energy and first-class the whole way.  Blue Fire Leadership nailed our themes, our language, our culture, and brought us to another level, focusing on communication, trust, and collaboration.  I HIGHLY recommend this for any company that is trying to take Communication, Trust and Goal Setting to the next level”. 

Blue Fire Leadership client testimonials Fernando Carbonell
Fernando Carbonell
Universal Music Group – Global HR Summit
Senior Vice President of HR

“To be honest, it’s hard to pick one thing! There were so many enjoyable parts of the experience – but I think the most enjoyable part was truly getting to know everyone better and on a more deeper level. We weren’t distinguished by titles, sub-departments, location, or anything else, so it was great just seeing us come together as one big family. I thought every single activity was very thoughtfully selected and managed, and thought they were each tailored with amazing sensitivity so that we were all pushed out of our comfort zone but to a limit where we’d still be willing to go and explore.”
“Top to Bottom, I enjoyed everything about it. There was a very real mindset shift that helped me to think about things in a different way, which will help me to be more effective as a leader and a recruiter.” 

Blue Fire Leadership client testimonials Lance Relypsa
Lance Berman
SVP and Chief Medical Officer 

“We just had a two-day medical offsite designed and delivered by Natalie Spiro and her team at Blue Fire Leadership.  It was designed to connect 44 people who have not worked together before.  I was a little nervous at first.  But I could not have been more pleased with the outcome. The team feedback was phenomenal. They left with a strong sense of participation, community, team and the knowledge that it takes a village to be successful.”